When I was younger, I thought slavery ended when the 13th amendment was ratified, in 1865. I thought that slavery was no longer an issue for America, I mean we are called the Land of the Free, right? Little did my nine year-old brain know that slavery was still a big issue for America and the world today.

January 11 is recognized as Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and I am here to bring that to y’alls attention. A child a is trafficked every 26 seconds and there are an estimated 20.9 million victims globally. We can’t assume that America isn’t apart of sum, in fact many American cities are large ports for human trafficking.

Human trafficking is happening all around us. The top three states for human trafficking are California, New York, and Texas. California has 3 of the 10 worst trafficking cities in the United States: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. New York’s main area for trafficking is New York City, due to it’s urban area and large immigration pull. Texas’ has grown into a known area for trafficking because of its immigrant community, economy, and location. Houston, Texas is one of the largest human trafficking areas; around 6,000 runaway minors get pulled into slavery in Houston. These are only a few places in the United States, there are so many more.

The world is such a dark place, and these facts aren’t even skimming the surface of what is actually happening around the globe. Sin grows in the dark and we need to shine the light on this problem and reach out to these victims. I hope I have brought an important problem to y’alls attention. No one should ever be stripped from their life and forced into slavery, no one.


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Author: Emily Blair

avid thinker. INFJ. sushi enthusiast. opinionated. outspoken. strong believer in women's education. old soul. follower of Christ.

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