What I Learned in 2017

Twenty seventeen. What a year. This year caused pain to many, including myself. But also brought personal achievements and new perspectives. However, through the trials & triumphs, I learned a multitude of lessons that I want to share with y’all.

1. Exercising regularly is important

Not only for my physical health, but for my mental health. Studies show that exercising increases endorphin which make you happy. I never fully understood that; in my ignorant ways I thought there was no way exercising made you happy if you hated doing it! But I was wrong. I worked out regularly in the summer and noticed that the days I worked out were the days I was naturally in a good mood and positive. Not to mention, working out has allowed me to keep in shape and has brought down my mile time significantly, which was my goal!

2. Give yourself a break

The way my personality is wired makes me feel responsible for just about everything. I find ways to make things my fault, even if it really isn’t. I apologize for things I that don’t need apologizing for. This led to self loathing. I started to beat myself down for mistakes or when I slipped up. For example, if I missed a workout because I overslept or didn’t feel up to it, I would feel that I was letting myself and my parents down; that I was unhealthy and a failure. Why I believed this load of crap I have no idea. I had to learn to give myself a break; I had to have grace for myself. I was allowing satan’s lies to life and believing them! The Lord wants us to change our ways and repent, however our loving, gracious, merciful Father does not want us to break ourselves over our sins. He just wants us repent to him, ask for forgiveness, and learn to correct them.

3. Natural, as for skin care, is ALWAYS better

I have always had oily skin with occasional dry spots, usually during the dry cold months. Because of this, and a few other things, I go to the dermatologist semi annually. On two separate occasions they have prescribed me two different topical medications. And this is not a dig or diss at dermatologists, they do great work and I have had many good things come out of those visits. However, my skin is really “moody”, sometimes its tough other times its extremely sensitive. And the two medications they prescribed worked, but had more cons than pros. It made my skin flaky, dry, and irritable. I was so done with putting makeup on flaking skin and constantly hating the way my skin was looking. So I quit my medications. I put an end to all harsh skin treatments. Instead, I found a natural face wash/ make up remover/ toner. Let me tell ya, this works wonders. The coconut oil in it moisturizer my face and gets off waterproof mascara, the baby shampoo helps wash off face makeup, and the apple cider vinegar acts as a toner. After that I was my face with a drug store face wash to get rid of the excess oil on my skin. It is amazing what natural ingredients can do for you skin and I will never turn to another topical medication again!

4. I am me, and not even I can change that

This year i have really learned to come to terms with myself. I am definitely a Type A, enneagram type 1, and an INFJ. I am organized in my own way and cannot stand a mess; I am one to take charge of any group when what needs to be done is not; I am the type of person that doesn’t simply give up, I have to finish; I am will go at all lengths (in moderation) to get what I want; I am not a people person although I try to please all I care about; mostly, I am me, and I cannot change the way I am wired. I have tried long and hard to become an extrovert or to always be bubbly or to try not and care what others think or to be less of a nerd about things I love or to be less passionate and fiery or to be less opinionated or to more sensitive. However, I cannot change these. I mean sure, i can be more outgoing when i want to be or be more bubbly if I try, but i cannot live like that all of the time. I have learned to love myself, the way I am. And yes, this is cliche and I am pretty sure every other lady that blogs writes this. But I am so serious about this. I used to hate that I was not as “normal”, or what i though was normal, as my bubbly, extraverted, less fiery, and mind filtered friends. And that’s just there personality, and I love them for it. But, it’s not me. And it will never be. This is just who I am, and I love it. I have learned to love my introverted, perfectionist, outspoken, goofy, sarcastic, snarky, always hungry, musical enthusiast, intuitive, period drama loving self. Even if that means I am kinda hard to like sometimes. And all personalities have flaws, and there are definitly things I have to work on. But for the most part, I just have to accept and love who I am, better or for worse.

Side note: INFJs are not some mystical unicorn psychics some MBTI charts make us out to be. We are just a mixture of many traits that make us more reserved and quiet with really good intuitive qualities, gut feeling if you will. We are not more special than the other types because we are the least common type. We just happen an extremely complex type that appears different with every INFJ.

5. Real friends love you, even when you are a pessimistic “b” sometimes

I have had my fair share of friendships. Some have lasted since 2nd grade other seem to weaken and eventually we part our ways. This happens to every human on this earth. But this year I have realized who my true friends are. Those who love me good, all the freaking time. Because my title for this lesson is my a good 40% of the time. Yet, they still love me. I know this because of all the times I have been a pessimistic bum or have vented for hours, and later apologized for it, they always tell me “it’s ok” or ” no, I totally get it” and the next day they are still there for me. So just a shout out to my best buds and a big thanks with a hug, even though I am not a fan of hugs, because y’all are the most quality people I have ever met and I love y’all more than I can say. Thank you for always encouraging me, believing in me, inviting me, listening to my talks, and laughing with me. Y’all truly are the best human beings I have ever met and I will always want to protect y’all.

6. Do what makes you happy

This little line can be totally misconstrued. For me at least, this does not mean I have no responsibility for myself and I can do whatever I feel like or want. No. This means that if I want to teach myself to play the piano again, then I will because it makes me happy. Or if would rather stay home than go out, then I will because I would rather be at home being happy than out and miserable and vice versa. This also means that when I do something that I think is weird and I fear others thoughts about it, I have to let go of that fear and just do it. Like listening to broadway music 24/7 or being really interested in my DNA and family ancestry. Because these things are kinda out of the ordinary but they make me happy. And I would rather be happy than listen to their thoughts.

7. There is more to faith than just a quiet time

I used to think that a daily quiet time was the ultimate way to grow closer to God. It’s great to have a quiet time daily, but more needs to be done. What’s the point of faith if we stay on the boat. Like Peter, we must step out onto the water with total faith in the Lord. We must step outside of our comfort zone because we cannot grow where we have already grown. I learned this concept this summer, in Munich. Where I was pushed daily to step out of my reserved ways and talk to people and pray out loud in public places. I grew so much through this. My quiet time with Him prepared me for the day. And I struggle daily with this. I don’t want to make myself uncomfortable, but he calls us to live uncomfortably, and I have taken this call, and so I must. I was shown this summer a new perspective on those who do not know our Father. They are all souls, lost and wandering. And it is our job to plant seed, water seeds, or harvest plants for these souls because they all must have the opportunity to be saved. How selfish are we not to want to help these souls. Because we all are, including myself. That is why each day we must wake up and be ready to walk out on our faith whenever we see the oppurtunity because the Lord is always there across the water ready to save us when we start to sink. And though he may let us start to sink to wake us up from our way of no faith, he will not let us drown.

These were all the major lessons I learned this year.

2017 has been a year of growth, trial, and overall learning to love our Father, others, and myself. And I am thankful for all those who have taught me these lessons, where intentional or unintentional. Thank you to all who read my posts this year. This is where I like to put myself onto paper, figuratively, and write my feelings. I am so grateful for this gift God has granted me and this opportunity to share what he is teaching me with whoever wants to listen. I lift up everyone who has had trails upon trials this year. I pray for peace of soul and mind to you and that the Lord would show you how out of such tragedy and pain, he is still there, and never left.  So 2017, I take a bow and next year, hopefully, I will come back learning more, and applying these lessons to my everyday life.



Holiday Report

Technically speaking, we have one day of December left, better yet-2016. Thus, I have decided to do my monthly/seasonal favorites now! This holiday season went by very quickly. I didn’t get out of school until the 21st of December, so that may be a contributor to my problem. But regardless, it was such a lovely season and reflection and rest. I am enjoying taking a break from my chaotic schedule and getting to relax a bit. Anyways, let us get on with it…

Currently this December:

Reading: Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn- this is such an excellent read that really shows you the inside of human trafficking and women oppression worldwide and how simple education and encouragement can fix it.


Live TV Timeless, This is Us, Speechless

Netflix & etc.- Call the Midwife, Bones, Downton Abbey

(I am watching way to many shows right now, oops.)

Cooking: I recently made these super tasty Linzer Cookies for Christmas Eve and they were a hit. Recipe in link.

Eating: I have recently discovered the magic of  banana “ice cream”, has the consistency of frozen yogurt but healthier!

My recipe: 

  • 1 frozen banana
  • frozen yogurt (optional)
  • milk taste or consistency ( I use Coconut/Almond milk)
  • Chocolate syrup (optional)
  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender and occasionally add more milk depending on how you want it to taste or feel.
  2. Serve in bowl and garnish with toppings!

Loving: I am in love with White Barn‘s Winter candle, sold at Bath & Body Works. It smells like what a Texan would expect winter to smell like somewhere where it actually gets below 40 on a daily basis. (Sadly, our Texas winter has been as cold as 17 degrees and as warm as 78. TEXAS MAKE UP YOUR MIND!)

img_0956img_0984Dreaming: Not quite sure if this is supposed to be meant in a literal sense or more of a future sense, but whatever. I am dreaming of 2017 summer. I am going to Munich this summer on a mission trip, I am super excited, so please keep that in your prayers. However, there is one thing that I have been dreaming about for a while now- Hamilton tickets. I can see myself buying the Hamilton Chicago tickets and booking flights because ladies and gents I am going make this dream come true! Some how I will come up with the money, I just need a game plan.

Feeling: Ooh, this is a hard one; I have had such a variety of feelings lately. My family and I have recently been hit with major change. I  initially handled it better, I felt a lot of guilt & weariness but also happiness & gratefulness . I was drained and a little out of sorts, it was all so new. Now, I just have frustration and unsureness but I also have moments of love & joy. I am not quite sure what I think about the situation but all I know is that God gave us this because he knew we could do it and I have to trust in him. God has given me more joy, mercy, and grace through this than I usually have, which is such a blessing. Overall, I am unsure but I do know that he is preparing me for something further down the road and that I must trust him.

Listening: Same old, same old. I am still jammin’ out to Hamilton and Regina Spektor.

Celebrating: Well, this month I am celebrating rest and time with family. Like I stated previously, there has been a change in the Henry household, so I now cherish any moment of mother-daughter and father-daughter time I can attain. I also celebrate this new change and the joy it has brought to a certain little person, I celebrate that he is safe. I am also celebrating the birth of our Savior and the fact that he stooped so low, gave up all power, to become a vulnerable little baby. Pretty crazy that he loves us that much.

Going: Unfortunately, I am not going anywhere this December. 😦

Doing: Well, since I now have back the 9 hours I spend at school I have had plenty of free time. I tend to spend time with friends, watch movies/TV, go to fun places, shop, and overall just make the most of my break.

Well, that’s it for my December favorites. I will be posting probably agin in the next few days to reminisce on 2016, but until then Happy New Years!


Fall Favorites

hey friends! I haven’t done my favorites in a while, so I thought I would combine my favorite things with my favorite season! Honestly though, who doesn’t love Fall? Why wouldn’t you love Fall? Reasons to love Fall: cooler weather, pumpkins are in season, Thanksgiving, plaid, sweaters, apple cider, the list could go on…

Anyways, here are a few of my Fall Favorites:

Favorite Book: Where’d You Go, Bernadette   Ok, even though this book is a few years old, it’s one of the best I have read in a while. It’s quirky, funny, and takes place in Seattle/Antarctica how cool is that? Maria Semple did a wonderful job on this book!


Favorite Movie: I think my favorite movie that has come to theaters this Fall has the be Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them . Although I am not a fan of the original Harry Potter series (go ahead and boo me), I thought this movie was really original and had great and interesting plot line. Plus Eddie Redmayne was in it, therefore I had to go see it!

Favorite TV Series: I am currently watching 10 TV shows (RIP me) but one of my favorites currently in Timeless on NBC. This show is about time travel; although I am not one for science fiction, Timeless is about history and I love history. Plus, all the period outfits are super cute! This show is easily engaging and leaves you hanging. (Other favorites I am currently watching: This is Us, Speechless, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, and Bones)

Favorite Song/Album: Ok, so this is kinda random but my favorite album currently is the Hamilton soundtrack. I am addicted. I listen to it non-stop (and if you have listened to the album then you may have just gotten my pun). It’s so good! Whats better than history and broadway combined? Nothing. You’ve got to listen to Hamilton asap. Plus, the Hamilton Mix tape is coming out soon with artists like: Regina Spektor (my favorite), Sia, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, Usher, and more. (Other album to checkout is Remember Us to Life by Regina Spektor. It is greatness.)

Favorite Item of Clothing: My favorite clothing item currently is Old Navy’s Mid-Rise Rockstar Destructed Skinny Jeans . These curve hugging jeans can make any outfit look edgy and effortless.

Favorite Miscellaneous Item: I love Bath & Body Works Fall scents, especially the body mist. But, the best body mist scent this Fall was the Golden Pear & Brown Sugar. But alas, Bath & Body has already gotten rid of the beloved fall scents, so you can buy it on eBay in the link above.

Favorite Blog: My favorite blogs right now are Hope Engaged  and The College Prepster. I love both of these blogs and all of their content! Go read and follow both asap.

Favorite Picture:


Dress:  Similar Here   Hat: Similar Black Fedora  Shoes: Sseko

Ok, I think that is it for all of my Fall favorites; mid-December I will post some Holiday Season favorites. I hope y’all will read, listen, watch, and wear some of my favorites.





Fri(yay!!!) Favorites

(I meant to post this yesterday, oops)

Happy weekend y’all! How are y’all? I can’t believe that we are already two weeks into summer! Anyways, I am going to start posting my “fri-yay” favorites every other week. This being said, I am also going to talk about the current book I am reading, tv series I am watching, etc.. Let’s get started!

Favorite book: right now has to be Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. This book was absolutely amazing and so was the movie, honestly what’s not to love about this sweet story?

Favorite piece of clothing: since it’s summer and it’s always hot in Texas, I really have been enjoying wearing tank  tops.  This tank top in particular is my absolute favorite! I live for stripes, so this was right up my alley.

Target: Women’s High Neck Cami – Mossimo Supply Co.™ (Juniors’)

Favorite Movie: since my favorite book was made into a movie, you can probably guess what my favorite movie. Ha!

Favorite food: I have really been enjoying smoothie bowls lately! I don’t know what makes smoothies that are in a bowl more appealing to me than actaul smoothies, but I love them.


Favorite song: currently, my favorite is Eponine by Penny & Sparrow. Words can’t really describe this song, just believe me, this song is beautifully written and worth listening to.


I am currently reading The Pearl That  Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi, this book is about a family full of girls during the Taliban rule  in Afghanistan circa 2007. This book is definitely worth reading. I am currently watching Downton Abbey, and it’s nothing short of amazing. What can I say, I love period dramas!

That’s all the favorites I have for y’all this week! Thanks for reading and comment any suggestions y’all think I need to try! Have a great weekend!