yes, I am a feminist…

…for women who are not able to contribute to their society, for women for are held against their will, for women who are undervalued and underestimated, and for women who aren’t allowed to get an education.

I don’t want anyone one to take this the wrong way, no place on earth is perfectly equal. I would love to see more female leaders and I love hearing about women with amazing leadership qualities and their achievements, women have come a long way. But, I really hate hearing about these women who are no longer trying to be equal but instead superior. What the heck is that? Why has it come to this? I feel like we have gone blind and can only see the “inequality” in our country. When, in fact, women’s rights, here, are amazing. And yes there are a few things that aren’t equal. Women don’t always get a typical “man’s” job, there are pay wage gaps, and women can be catcalled. And, once again, I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way (because yes all these things suck), but we have it pretty good here. We are the lucky ones. Women in Afghanistan aren’t getting the typical “man’s” job because their education isn’t valued. According to the UN Women* in 2013, 12% of women in Afghanistan were literate. And yeah, pay gaps are real. A 2003 study in India* showed that a single sex slave could earn her owner 250,000 rupees or more a year, and she gets little to nothing of it. Not to mention, she is a sex slave; she is being held against her will. And women are definitely being cat-called and harassed. There are many gangs that terrorize low-caste women in India that rape, humiliate, and murder women. I am not in any way trying to make light of the problems that do occur in America; yes women are harassed and some things may be unequal. All I am trying to do is widen your vision. Maybe we should stop spending all of our energy trying to fix America’s problem, and things will never be perfect, and take a look at the world. There are so many things wrong with how women are treated across the globe. Like organizations such as Equality Now or the Malala Fund.

In his novel Half the Sky, Nicholas D. Kristoff writes “American feminism must become less parochial so that it is every bit as concerned with sex slavery in Asia as with title IX sports programs in Illinois”

So women of America, and the world, take a big look at this planet. Real feminism is not about making women supreme and fixing every little problem. Real feminism is helping bring light to the injustices across the world making sure women are treated as humans that deserve respect and an education.


Life Letter

Dear friends,

I have decided to give up Netflix for lent. Yikes, it has been rough. I’m not Catholic but I do usually participate in lent because sometimes its good just to take a break from something that consumes time. I kinda hat not having something to watch because Timeless is off air right now and I just finished Downton Abbey, which was freaking amazing! Therefore, I would only really be watching Bones, which is on Netflix! Clearly you can see that I am struggling. But, to sit and watch tv is such a waste of time and when I spend time with the Lord I am doing work for something eternal, not earthly.  On another note, I have recently started to read Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen. So far, it’s pretty good and it seems to be a just a cute romance novel, but hopefully something interesting will happen. Speaking of new things, I have started to try to workout every other day,which is tough because I like my sleep.  I have been using the Beach Body on demand online courses and they’re pretty good and a great way to workout out if you are on a time frame.

I am hoping to try to go pescetarian part of this summer, so  if you have any good recipes let me know! Also (this is super off topic but I freaking love Disney so naturally I had to mention it) I saw Beauty and the Beast  and it was amazing! The original version was one of my favorite movies growing up, along with Anastasia, Peter Pan, and Mulan. The cast  did such an outstanding job portraying the personalities of their diverse characters. Plus, Dan Stevens was in Downton Abbey  and I love him on that so naturally I loved him as the Beast. I’m sure my fellow theater goers were a tad irritated that I sang along with every song, laughed loudly, and slightly yelped at the end -but what can I say? I am a dedicated fan. Sidenote: The scene where Belle goes atop the grassy hill and sings about traveling is the scene I tried to recreate as a small child. I would go in my yard and try to mimic Belle and the way she walks on the grass without smashing it. Needless to say, I was not successful.

Lately I have been struggling with finding joy in everyday moments, although it has gotten better. I have had to pray that God would show me joy in simplicity. And he has. I love that God is allowing me to see such things, it’s quite special. It’s also a great way to start your day. To live in today and not yesterday or tomorrow.

So, there it is. A small update on my life. My your life be filled with joy and Disney songs.

xo, Em