Tuesday Thinking…

What if American feminists cared as much about the women sold into sex slavery, the women who are killed if their dowry isn't enough, or the women who are not "worthy" of an education, across the globe, as they did when Trump was elected president? I wonder how the dynamic of the world could have changed if the Women's March was used to promote women's education and equality WORLDWIDE, even in the little villages of Pakistan, instead of exclusively in America or any other highly developed city. Women here have rights. I think we are just finding things to complain about. And I am not belittling the harassment or rape that happens to women in the US, because I know it does, but it happens everywhere else too.

More to come about this topic…

Life Letter

Dear friends,

I have decided to give up Netflix for lent. Yikes, it has been rough. I’m not Catholic but I do usually participate in lent because sometimes its good just to take a break from something that consumes time. I kinda hat not having something to watch because Timeless is off air right now and I just finished Downton Abbey, which was freaking amazing! Therefore, I would only really be watching Bones, which is on Netflix! Clearly you can see that I am struggling. But, to sit and watch tv is such a waste of time and when I spend time with the Lord I am doing work for something eternal, not earthly.  On another note, I have recently started to read Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen. So far, it’s pretty good and it seems to be a just a cute romance novel, but hopefully something interesting will happen. Speaking of new things, I have started to try to workout every other day,which is tough because I like my sleep.  I have been using the Beach Body on demand online courses and they’re pretty good and a great way to workout out if you are on a time frame.

I am hoping to try to go pescetarian part of this summer, so  if you have any good recipes let me know! Also (this is super off topic but I freaking love Disney so naturally I had to mention it) I saw Beauty and the Beast  and it was amazing! The original version was one of my favorite movies growing up, along with Anastasia, Peter Pan, and Mulan. The cast  did such an outstanding job portraying the personalities of their diverse characters. Plus, Dan Stevens was in Downton Abbey  and I love him on that so naturally I loved him as the Beast. I’m sure my fellow theater goers were a tad irritated that I sang along with every song, laughed loudly, and slightly yelped at the end -but what can I say? I am a dedicated fan. Sidenote: The scene where Belle goes atop the grassy hill and sings about traveling is the scene I tried to recreate as a small child. I would go in my yard and try to mimic Belle and the way she walks on the grass without smashing it. Needless to say, I was not successful.

Lately I have been struggling with finding joy in everyday moments, although it has gotten better. I have had to pray that God would show me joy in simplicity. And he has. I love that God is allowing me to see such things, it’s quite special. It’s also a great way to start your day. To live in today and not yesterday or tomorrow.

So, there it is. A small update on my life. My your life be filled with joy and Disney songs.

xo, Em



Thanks for…

Lord, thanks for sacrificing your Son so that I may be with you and for loving me unconditionally and always accepting me into your family.

Jesus, thanks for renewing my soul through your death, providing for me, and comforting me in times of joy and doubt.

Mom, thanks for carrying me for 9 mo., constantly putting up with my bad singing, loving me, and showing me how to be a God-fearing woman.

Dad, thanks for staying calm when I drive, always taking me out to go somewhere special, jamming with me, and always giving me good advice.

Sister, thanks for putting up with my sassy attitudes, bad jokes, and non-stop singing of Hamilton .

Friends, thanks for always making me laugh, cheering me up, spending time with me, singing with me, and allowing me to be myself.

DG leader, thanks for pouring into us, loving on us, and always being there for us.

Teachers, thank you for choosing to help me learn and for giving me and education, which is a privilege that many girls do not get.

I am thankful that I get to live in a free country.

I am thankful that my family & I are healthy.

I am thankful for a family that loves me.

I am thankful for an education.

I am thankful for friends that would do anything for me.


I am thankful for a God who loves me more than I will ever know. A God who took his perfect Son’s life so he could have mine. A God who defeated Satan’s wrath and has saved me. A God who created me and knew me before I was even conceived. A God who is real, yet in my time of doubt still pursues me. A God who is merciful, loving, and indescribable. A God who loves me for me.



Louisiana: Day 1

Hey friends, these next few days I will be blogging about my time in New Orleans and Alexandria! I live Louisiana and I am excited to share my adventures with y’all! Today we drove into New Orleans, but first we stopped in Baton Rouge and toured LSU. While there, we ate at this cool place called Fat Cow, an organic burger and salad place. I ordered the petite Baja burger (Pepper Jack cheese, fresh tomato salsa, avocado, banana peppers, green leaf lettuce and smoked pablano sour cream) with fries.

After lunch and a little touring of LSU, we headed to New Orleans. We checked into our hotel and shortly left to go eat dinner at Pêche. We ate hushpuppies, crab, brussel sprouts, “smashed” potatoes, and much more!

Today has been pretty eventful, keep up with my blog this week for more stories. Thanks for reading 🙂



Let it be Sunday! Sunday is the day where I tend to find myself doing homework instead of enjoying the beautiful weather or spending time with the Lord. So today, I went to my church’s picnic and played kickball (with a sprained ankle). I soon realized that I really wasn’t a fan of kickball, nor was I super great at it, yet I continued to play. Then I worked on my math project, in which I had to construct a kite that flew and stayed in the air for more than 20 seconds. Once again, I soon realized that my kite wasn’t big enough to fly and fell within the second it got up. So today has had a few fails, but the Lord is bigger than my failures. He comforts me and loves me unconditionally, and thats all that really matters. In the bigger scheme of things, my attempt at kickball and my failed project really are pointless. So maybe I should get out more on the weekends and try to focus on the good things and laugh at my failures instead of dwelling in the bad things. Happy Sunday!

Happy Saturday!!!

Ok, so Saturday is my favorite day of the week, partially because it’s on the weekend, but that’s beside the point. Saturdays are the days where I don’t feel stressed about the upcoming week, I can decompress. Today, I happened to be very productive, which seems to becoming more rare as I slowly lose more & more sleep due to school/hw and other activities. I woke this morning to jog around the park by our house, when I was walking back I decided to walk through the kinda forested area instead of the sidewalk. This was the perfect morning to walk around in the luscious greenery, and through this small thing, I saw God showing me the beauties in life. Later on, I baked, for the first time, a Victoria Sponge Cake, which was delicious. I had originally gotten the recipe for BBC Good Food, but due to me not being able or comfortable converting all my measurements, I changed to this recipe. This evening, my family and I went and saw The Jungle Book, which was really good. Then we went to Barnes and Nobles, which happens to be one of my favorite places on Earth, and I bought Pride and Prejudice  for like $7, which was nice, We topped the day off with some BBQ and walking around a super cute downtown area. So, as you can see, I really love Saturdays, what did y’all do today? I am going to start to try to post every Saturday and maybe some other day like Friday or Monday. Let me know what y’all want. I hope y’all have a great weekend!