Fri(yay!!!) Favorites

(I meant to post this yesterday, oops)

Happy weekend y’all! How are y’all? I can’t believe that we are already two weeks into summer! Anyways, I am going to start posting my “fri-yay” favorites every other week. This being said, I am also going to talk about the current book I am reading, tv series I am watching, etc.. Let’s get started!

Favorite book: right now has to be Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. This book was absolutely amazing and so was the movie, honestly what’s not to love about this sweet story?

Favorite piece of clothing: since it’s summer and it’s always hot in Texas, I really have been enjoying wearing tank  tops.  This tank top in particular is my absolute favorite! I live for stripes, so this was right up my alley.

Target: Women’s High Neck Cami – Mossimo Supply Co.™ (Juniors’)

Favorite Movie: since my favorite book was made into a movie, you can probably guess what my favorite movie. Ha!

Favorite food: I have really been enjoying smoothie bowls lately! I don’t know what makes smoothies that are in a bowl more appealing to me than actaul smoothies, but I love them.


Favorite song: currently, my favorite is Eponine by Penny & Sparrow. Words can’t really describe this song, just believe me, this song is beautifully written and worth listening to.


I am currently reading The Pearl That  Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi, this book is about a family full of girls during the Taliban rule  in Afghanistan circa 2007. This book is definitely worth reading. I am currently watching Downton Abbey, and it’s nothing short of amazing. What can I say, I love period dramas!

That’s all the favorites I have for y’all this week! Thanks for reading and comment any suggestions y’all think I need to try! Have a great weekend!