Colorado// Summer 2016

Hi friends! I lied, I am going to make one post about Colorado instead of several small ones. OK, so the next day we visited Breckenridge, which was a little touristy but totally cute! I love quaint little towns, and Breckenridge fit right into that category. My family and I walked around venturing inside all of the unique little shops. Later that night, we went to Boondocks  in Denver and played Mini Golf!


Home of the Buffalos!

The next morning, we woke up early and headed into Boulder to tour Colorado University. Colorado University was a beautiful campus, they had these little gardens everywhere that were just stunning! There was this one garden, called the Shakespeare Garden, and all of his plays had their own little garden space with the plants mentioned in his plays in the gardens. I was so neat! After touring, we walked around downtown Boulder and ate at Pasta Jays, let me just say, it was some mean pasta! Shortly after, we left to go to our rented condo in Winter Park.

Home of the Buffalos!

Monday & Tuesday kinda consisted of similar things, we mostly stayed in Winter Park and my extended family met us there. Monday we hiked up Winter Park’s main ski mountain, so to speak. Tuesday, we did all the fun outdoor activities Winter park offers in the summer, i.e. alpine slides, bungee trampolines, mini golf, rock climbing and much more, these activites were lots of fun and I recommend them to anyone who goes to Winter Park in the summer. Finally, on Wednesday, we went down to Grand Lake, Colorado. There we hiked to Adam’s Falls which was a natural waterfall and stream due to snow melt, we hung around in the stream for a while dipping our feet into the freezing water. We the went to Grand Lake’s beach front and went kayaking and paddle boarding one the lake, it was so much fun!


All this to say that this short vacay was worth it! It was so nice to be with family and get to relax, Colorado, you are one for the books.




Louisiana: Days 4 & 5

Saturday is my favorite day of the week, so a saturday in a place I love makes it 100x better. Since this is an annual trip, we usually have like a routine we follow, even though we don’t mean to. So saturday is our relax day; yesterday all I did was swim, lay out, chat, eat a snow cone (which is one of the best parts), and hang out. It’s always nice to have a weekend of rest before going back to my busy life. Today, we went fishing, and I mean serious fishing. There are trophies involved. Each year we hold a fishing tournament, and I have won one trophy (like 4 yrs ago) and I lost it. Needless to say, I haven’t won anything since. But it isn’t really about winning, because I do not like fishing very much, its more about creating memories with family that will last forever, and I am lucky to say that that has been accomplished. After the tournament and an afternoon full of swimming, pizza, and relaxing, it’s finally time for the annual crawfish boil. My family chows down on the crawfish while I eat some fried fish or a hamburger, which in my eyes is equally as good. After a dinner full of cajun food, we have some dessert and say our good byes to our relatives. I love coming down here and enjoying my family and myself for the weekend. Until next year Louisiana…

Louisiana: Day 2

Today we walked around New Orleans, through the French Market, Bourbon Street, and around the residential areas. For breakfast, we obviously had to get beignets and coffee at Café Du Monde, they were delicious as usual. Then we walked through Jackson Square, the French Market, and an old U.S. mint.

It was interesting to see all the history hidden in NOLA. We walked down torwards the more residential parts of the city. The houses are so beautiful and two are never alike, it’s dreamy.

We ate lunch at the Parkway Tavern & Bakery, which had amazing Po’ Boys. Then we visited the Katrina Memorial  where the have all the unidentified or unknown victims.

After lunch, we headed back to Alexandria where we will be staying. New Orleans was such a cool place with rich history and gorgeous architecture, I hope to go back soon. Stay tuned for more posts in the future! Goodnight y’all.

Louisiana: Day 1

Hey friends, these next few days I will be blogging about my time in New Orleans and Alexandria! I live Louisiana and I am excited to share my adventures with y’all! Today we drove into New Orleans, but first we stopped in Baton Rouge and toured LSU. While there, we ate at this cool place called Fat Cow, an organic burger and salad place. I ordered the petite Baja burger (Pepper Jack cheese, fresh tomato salsa, avocado, banana peppers, green leaf lettuce and smoked pablano sour cream) with fries.

After lunch and a little touring of LSU, we headed to New Orleans. We checked into our hotel and shortly left to go eat dinner at Pêche. We ate hushpuppies, crab, brussel sprouts, “smashed” potatoes, and much more!

Today has been pretty eventful, keep up with my blog this week for more stories. Thanks for reading 🙂